Movies From Around The World: Geographical Patterns in Bechdel Test Results

Czech Republic: Almost 2/3 of movies fail at the Bechdel Test.

Of the 26 movies produced in Czech Republic and reviewed on, 65% of them don't pass the text. This is mostly because, in 14 of the 23 movies with two or named female characters, the women don't engage in a conversation between each other.

Austria: Record for movies that pass the test, more than three-quarters (76%) do.

19 ot Austria's 25 movies pass the Bechdel test.

Bechdel test outcome of movies released between 1892 and 2015 - per country

Charts excludes countries with less than 20 movies surveyed

USA: in 1 every 10 movies women who speak to each other only discuss men.

Most movies in the database (4194 titles) are US-produced. In about three in every ten of these movies, there's no girl-to-girl conversation. In about one every ten movies, this is because there' not even more than one named female characters. In another one every ten of these movies the female characters only talk to each other about men.

Overall, only 57% of 4,194 movies produced in the USA has two or more women engaging in at least a conversation that doesn't mention a guy.

Top 10 countries for percentage of movies where women only talk to each other about men

Charts excludes countries with less than 20 movies surveyed